Rainbow Mountain Peru Day Hike

rainbow mountain Peru 1-day Hike

There are some places in the world, that as long as you don’t see them with your own eyes, you can’t believe they’re real. The Rainbow Mountains in Peru, are for sure one of them. This one day trek to the Rainbow Mountain of Peru will leave you with a wonderful experience. Enjoy this new route to the amazing painted hills in the Peruvian Andes; an adventure that will amaze you constantly, with a combination colorful landscapes, snow capped, Challenging uphills; shy vicunas, llamas, alpacas, everything seeming intact and undiscovered.


Trip Overview

  • Tour Type: Hiking and adventure
  • Good For: Those with a sense of adventure and in good hiking shape
  • Considerations: This trek will take about 5 – 6 hours
  • Whole trip Duration: Full Day – About 13 – 14 hours with very early departure
  • Distance: 16km/ 9.8miles
  • Elevation: 4350m (14,200ft) – 5150 m (16,670ft)
  • Difficulty: moderate to challenging
  • Group Size: 2 – 6 travelers 


This is a challenging hike so altitude sickness is a serious risk when climbing Rainbow Mountain due to the 5,100-metre elevation. Take time in the city of Cusco (3,400 meters) to acclimatize before attempting this trek. You will hike over 4300m (14,100ft) and is about 16 kilometers in length (9.9miles) in total length, with an elevation gain of 715m (2,260ft). Three days to a week of low-level exertion in Cusco should be sufficient.


The day trip starts in Cusco where you are picked up from your hotel very early in the morning, then we proceed to drive nearly 3 hours in a private van to the start of the trail. Once there a delicious breakfast will be prepared and served by your cook. 

The hike itself to the rainbow mountain will take around 3 – 4 hours, Along the way, you will enjoy amazing views of the Andes, glacial peaks, red mountains, rocky hills, and hundreds of llamas and alpacas grazing along the valley. As you get closer to the summit of the rainbow mountain you will begin to see the first signs of the colored minerals that formed the painted hills, and finally, with one last push, you will hike up to a strategy location that gives you a 360-degree view of the beautiful landscape that makes up the sacred land.

Once we arrive at the top of Rainbow Mountain, you will have enough time to absorb the majesty of the red mountains that surround this area. You will also see amazing views of the valleys and Ausangate Glacier Peak in front of you. Ausangate is the tallest mountain of the Cusco region (just under 21,000 ft elevation)  After about an hour you will start hiking back to the trailhead (2-3 hours), where you will have a nutritious lunch prepared by your chef and depart back to Cusco. 


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What’s Included?

  • English speaking guide
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Additional horses for riding can be provided for an additional cost.
  • First aid kit, including oxygen.
  • A pre-trek briefing. 
  • Entrance fees to Rainbow Mountain.
  • Private round trip Transportation

What’s Not Included?

  • Personal trekking gear including, backpacks, trekking poles. However, they may be rented from the company.
  • Personal riding horse. Additional horses may be rented according to the needs of the individual and group.
  • Dinner


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Important Notes

  1. While we expect the tour will run as the itinerary describes. Participants should accept that there is the possibility of changes, being necessarily liable to local conditions, e.g, strikes, natural disasters, these changes might be at the discretion of your travel company.