We are a team of friendly and professional English-speaking Local Tour Guides who are committed to providing people like you with the most memorable experience possible at affordable prices. We specialize in personalized Tours IN and AROUND Cusco, including the most popular attractions – the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu for a group and individual travelers. 
We understand that your vacation time is limited and your desire is to make most of your time by experiencing the destination you visit; and our goal is to give you the best taste of the area in the time you have available, at affordable prices.
Our home base is Cusco. From here, we can also connect you with many other excursions, such as Lake Titicaca, Lima and the Amazon.


  • ♦ Provide Superior Private and Semi-private Tours with Groups for up to 6 travelers –maximum, at affordable prices
  • ♦ Provide an Enhanced day and multi-day trips by sharing local insights and experiences
  • ♦ Provide Personal and Flexible Tour experiences 
  • ♦ Customize any Tour (before & on the go) to your pace, interests & time. 
  • ♦ Avoid crowds - We always try to avoid the crowds by carefully timing our tour schedules
  • ♦ Provide Affordable and personal transport service for Airport transfers and taxi tours in the Sacred Valley.


Our Team is driven by core values of reliability, friendliness and flexibility. Therefore, we work hard to organize the most unique and exciting excursions possible.
To give you a bit of background information on our company, we are all knowledgeable, fun and qualified Tour Guides who will make your day/trip memorable, you will feel like a Friend is showing you around. We choose to work with people who are not just “in it for the job” but who have genuine interest and enjoyment in providing quality service with a helpful & friendly attitude.
We are fully registered and Licensed Local Guides by the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (CUSCO/DIRCETUR).

And, as we like to say: “You will not be on a tour; you will be hanging out with a friend that happens to be a Local”

Please also refer to: What Make Us Different.